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Day Cares For Sick Children In Fukuoka


NOTE: I have not yet tried the services below but thought it useful to share with you. Not knowing about such places has cost me tens of thousands of yen in work absences.

What are these places?

These are mostly pediatric clinics and some hoikuens designated to provide temporary day care for sick children or those recovering from illnesses. Parents who are unable to take care of their children, due to work or other reasons, can admit their children in these care centers. Read more…


New Hyperdia Facelift


I like it, but I am more inclined to the older version. New is better though! Viewers will notice in my Hyperdia post that the screen captures are outdated. I will update this when I get free time soon.

Japanese High Tech Toilet Panel


Ever wondered what on Earth these buttons are for,  and what will happen if I just press this one?

I have not come across one of these toilets with an English explanation yet in Fukuoka. That’s why I decided to post this interesting topic for the curious Read more…

Remove Permanant Marker on Whiteboard


I must’ve come across this simple trick some 4 years ago but doing it again today was so face saving. I had accidentally used a permanent marker on the classroom white board. The thickest zoukin (house-cloth) and the hardest wipes couldn’t remove the ink. Students were entering the room for the next lesson. What could I do? Something clicked – the white board marker!

I wrote over the permanent marker with the white board marker, following carefully every scribble detail. The class started 3 minutes later. Regardless, we had a clean white board to see a video presentation on the  History of Halloween.

Understanding Hoikuens (Day Cares) In Fukuoka


Difference Between a Hoikujo, Hoikuen & Youchien

Basically, there are public and privately run nurseries, day cares and kindergartens. Not all child rearing centers are called hoikuens. A nursery is a hoikujo. A day care is a hoikuen and a kindergarten is a youchien. Hoikujos and hoikuens generally offer care services. Children are taken care of in situations where parents cannot Read more…

Documents Required For A Working Visa In Fukuoka


I visited the Fukuoka Immigration Bureau to apply for a change of status of residence or more like extending my work duration. The company I work for provided most of the necessary documents while I presented the rest. The submitted documents are similar to those considering a change of visa status from dependent, student etc. to a working visa; speaking of which, I once was a dependent. Read more…

CDs For The Next Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse July 09 in Fukuoka

Solar Eclipse July '09 in Fukuoka.

The solar eclipse has come and gone and maybe won’t appear again for another 50 years or so.

For me, I had the opportunity to view this heavenly wonder without a hassle. I didn’t spend a yen on a pair of fancy eclipse glasses, I didn’t have to travel some distance ,under this rather irritating weather, to be part of history (no offense to those who did). I simply found a good view in the school building and leaned out for Read more…