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Day Cares For Sick Children In Fukuoka


NOTE: I have not yet tried the services below but thought it useful to share with you. Not knowing about such places has cost me tens of thousands of yen in work absences.

What are these places?

These are mostly pediatric clinics and some hoikuens designated to provide temporary day care for sick children or those recovering from illnesses. Parents who are unable to take care of their children, due to work or other reasons, can admit their children in these care centers. Registration is required beforehand and the fee is usually ¥2,000 per child per day. This cost does not include lunch and snacks. Parents have to provide lunch separately. Only children between 0 years (that’s children under 1 yr old) up to elementary Grade 3 are eligible.

Where are these day cares?

Altogether, there are about 10 such facilities  in Fukuoka.

Click on the links below to see the maps.

Higashi Ward:

Hakata Ward

Chuo Ward

Minami Ward

Jounan Ward

Sawaraku Ward

Nishi Ward

For more information, visit the child section of the Fukuoka City website (Japanese Only).

For other areas in Kyushu, visit this website (Japanese Only).

For those who don’t read Kanji, do a translation using Google Translate or Yahoo! Babel Fish to find listings for Kyushu/Okinawa.

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