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CDs For The Next Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse July 09 in Fukuoka

Solar Eclipse July '09 in Fukuoka.

The solar eclipse has come and gone and maybe won’t appear again for another 50 years or so.

For me, I had the opportunity to view this heavenly wonder without a hassle. I didn’t spend a yen on a pair of fancy eclipse glasses, I didn’t have to travel some distance ,under this rather irritating weather, to be part of history (no offense to those who did). I simply found a good view in the school building and leaned out for a satisfying glimpse.

Prior to this, a teacher told me I need not a solar viewer for this event. Only my Sailing OCI CD will do the job. “OCI CD?”, I asked. “Yes, a CD.”,¬† he replied. Of course this was a Physics teacher speaking. I had to try it out and what an awesome alternative the CD turned out to be. I was able to see the entire spectacle from start to finish. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe 60% of this heavenly site more like it.

So for those of you who will be around to witness the next eclipse, here’s how you can use a CD to do so too.

How to Use a CD as a Solar Eclipse Viewer

Step 1. Grab: Grab any old CD lying around.
Step 2. Position: Position yourself for a good view.
Step 3. Adjust: Hold the CD up. Have the printed side facing you while the silver side (the track) facing the sun. Adjust the CD to your eyes.
Step 4. Observe: Fix your view and look into the sun.

Now start counting down those years.

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  1. 19/08/2009 8:37 am

    Hey i wish i had this info before the eclipse.
    Can you imagine i had to risk my eyes by having a glimpse at this wonderful and spectacular phenomena with my naked eyes.
    Nevertheless, i enjoyed the glimpse. Iam looking forward to witness another one using a CD whenever and wherever i will be.
    Thanks for the info

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