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Japanese High Tech Toilet Panel


Ever wondered what on Earth these buttons are for,  and what will happen if I just press this one?

I have not come across one of these toilets with an English explanation yet in Fukuoka. That’s why I decided to post this interesting topic for the curious new comers.

I had actually used similar models at the Saiseikai and Chidoribashi hospitals after the delivery of my daughters. Back then, I could only guess what the images on the buttons stood for and thankfully didn’t go sprinting out of the toilet. Mind you, not all the buttons were exhausted but the experience was rather soothing.

Click here to see a translation of the buttons on the control panel.

Click to enlarge image

The Western style Japanese transformed toilets come in varying complexities. Check out these awesome Wikipedia explanations for the basic type, the model at my school and the more complex type.

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