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Help! Where Can I Find A Doctor?


I had to rush off to the doctor the other time. I had had an ailing sore throat for the past week.  I could hardly swallow anything. The pain became unbearable the night before as I coughed and cried with frustration when the irritation got worse. So yesterday, I decided to rid myself off of this anguish. I cycled almost 8 km to the nearest emergency hospital I knew, which was Chidoribashi in Hakata Ward Read more…


Cool In A Pool


Got this ad from a Summer Time Party ad at a train station.

Got this ad from a Summer Time Party ad at a train station.

Hey! Any mothers out there. I just came across this information on the Fukuoka City page that might be of interest to you and your kids. I think this is great! Quite surprising though cause I never knew this site existed.

Read more…

The Hyperdia Timetable For JR Train Goers

A very useful travel tool to have
I became interested in train schedules when I went for my ‘first’ official job interview in Kitakyushu. Again, like I mentioned in my first post, I have very, very little spoken Japanese and simply a non-existant kanji ability – so it was a real blessing to come across the JR Group website in English! Of all the useful information I came across there, the most valuable was the discovery of the Hyperdia-Timetable software developed by Hitachi Information Systems,Ltd. The beauty about this system is that, again, it’s all in English and practically covers the whole of Japan’s train stations and trains timetables – well Kyushu for that matter. Ok, all I am trying to say is – Hyperdia-Timetable is quite an extensive as well as an impressive system. Click here if you need help in getting started or follow the 4 step guide below. Before you know it, you will become an expert in pulling up train schedules!
So let’s have a look at the basics of how to do a search. Please let us know if you have a better site to share with our readers.
Do your first Hyperdia-Timetable search
Step 1
Visit this page
STEP 1: To and From. Enter the name of your starting point and destination here. Names in the database can sometime be different to how they are actually pronounced or spelt. The search will return a ‘Destination not found’ result if that is the case. For example, the Fukkou Daimae is spelt Fukkoudaimae in the Nishitetsu Bus schedule search. With Hyperdia-Timetable, it is spelt Fukkoudaimae. Simply try different spelling variations of the name until you bring up the schedule with one the system recognises. This is not a big problem and the results are rewarding alright.
Step 2
Step 2
STEP 2: Fine tune your search here. There are a number of options available here for you. 1. Select the date and time you plan to take the train. 2. Check the drop down menus to make sure you have the correct start point and destination. 3. Select the type of fare – whether for Reserved, Unreserved or the Green seat. 4. Check or click the route you want to take – whether it be the Limited Express,  Shinkansen or Airplane. Results for both the Local and Rapid Express trains will automatically show up. 5. Click Start to pull up your times.
Step 3
Step 3
STEP 3: Your search results here. This is my favourite part of the search. It’s here that I do a little roaming around, in and out of the schedules. You can click on the small icons on course table to get detailed and precise information on the schedules. Also  check the stops your train will be making and at what time. See the plaforms to get on and off. You may get more than one search result so the most important information to extract from multiple results are the Required time to travel, the total Distance of travel and the fare. This will help you to select the most convenient schedule to use. Bear in mind that some results may include a walk to the Nishitetsu Train station. Other’s may include an all-round trip which takes extremely longer and not to mention the fare involved (see STEP 3.i). Go for the longer trip if you decide to do some sight seeing round the place.
Step 3i
Step 3i
STEP 4: Record your schedule. Simple. Just do a screen capture and print it out or write the times down on a piece of paper. For me, I like rearranging them onto the Excel spreadsheet to make them look prettier. I know, the latter is time consuming but I like to do it when I have the time…err…more like squeeze the time for this.
Apart from the Hyperdia-Timetable
The Jorudan software development company has a Travel Route Finder system called the Norikae-Annai which provides much the same information as Hyperdia. There is also this JR’s Rule on Passenger Tickets page that I found quite a brilliant compilation for ticket information. Excellent for new comers. Take a look when you have time.

A JR Train

A JR Train

I became interested in train schedules when I went for my ‘first’ official job interview in Kitakyushu. Again, like I mentioned in my first post, I have very, very little spoken Japanese and simply a non-existent kanji ability. So it was a blessing to come across the JR Group website in English and specifically, the Hyperdia Timetable which was developed by Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd. The beauty about this system is Read more…

The Nishitetsu Bus Schedule


A Nishitetsu Bus in Fukuoka

A Nishitetsu Bus in Fukuoka

Starting out was quite a challenge for me and I could only rely on Nishitetsu buses and their schedules at the bus stops. I could not ride a bicycle so I’d walk whenever I needed to save that ¥360 to and from Box Town. Well, those days are long gone. I now can ride a bicycle! Yheepee!!! Sorry Read more…

Foreign Women In Fukuoka


This is me.Hello ladies! Josei Joy conveys my personal experiences living here in Fukuoka, Japan. It is my hope that you can also benefit from reading the posts.

Ok, so here’s a little about myself. First of all, I will have been living in Fukuoka City for 3 years come this November, 2009. Despite that, my Nihongo is down to words and about ten sentences.  Read more…