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Documents Required For A Working Visa In Fukuoka


I visited the Fukuoka Immigration Bureau to apply for a change of status of residence or more like extending my work duration. The company I work for provided most of the necessary documents while I presented the rest. The submitted documents are similar to those considering a change of visa status from dependent, student etc. to a working visa; speaking of which, I once was a dependent. This list is not ultimate and the requirements vary depending on individuals and what the immigration bureau may ask of each applicant. In my case, there was only one difference in the required documents to when I first applied and now that I am working.

Those Currently Employed

I submitted the following:

  1. APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF STATUS OF RESIDENCE form: Collect this form from the Immigration Bureau Office or check this website.
  2. Employment Certificate (Zaishoku Shoumei-sho):  Must be the original from your employer.
  3. Certificate of Income and Withholding Tax/Statement of Earnings (Gensen Choshu-hyo). A copy of the previous year’s. The employer provides this.
  4. Certificate of Tax Payment (Nouzei Shoumei-sho): Must be the original. Collect this from your ward office. A fee of ¥300 is charged (Higashi Kuyakusho).
  5. Contract of Employment (copy)
  6. Education Qualification (copy): Certificate of the last highest education you received.
  7. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  8. Passport: For verification
  9. Alien Registration Card: For verification

There is a ¥4,000 fee charged for changing status of residence and is usually paid upon collection of your visa at the immigration office. It is in the revenue stamp format and can also be obtained at a Post Office.

Those Going to Start Work

The documents are the same as above except for the Tax Withholding Certificate/Statement of Earnings, in which case, a Certificate Tax Payment is sufficient. That was my case. The sponsor of your visa may provide you with the other necessary documents apart from your passport and Alien Registration Card. My employer did that. I don’t know if this is true for others.

The Procedure

New applicants can submit their applications at any time convenient to them. Those working and wishing to change or extend their visa status must do so at least a month before your visa expires. This definitely will get you a smooth service at the immigration counter and even a bonus smile. Visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm only on weekdays. You will be given a post card to write your name and address. This postcard will be sent you once your application is processed. When you receive this postcard, you can then go to the immigration bureau to get your result. Application processing may take anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months.

Click here for more information on changing your status of residence.

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