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Cool In A Pool


Got this ad from a Summer Time Party ad at a train station.

Got this ad from a Summer Time Party ad at a train station.

Hey! Any mothers out there. I just came across this information on the Fukuoka City page that might be of interest to you and your kids. I think this is great! Quite surprising though cause I never knew this site existed.

Here you go.

Civic pools open their outdoor pools for summer

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Outdoor Pools)

The civic pools in Higashi ward, Hakata ward, Chuo ward, Minami ward, Jonan ward and Sawara ward will open their outdoor pools from Saturday, July 4th till Sunday, September 6th. The outdoor pools are open only on Saturdays and Sundays except for the summer vacation period.
Hot summer is just around the corner.
Let’s make a big splash at your nearby swimming pool!

Fee: Up to 2 hours,
320 yen for adults
160 yen for high school students
110 yen for elementary and junior high school students
Free for preschoolers

Higashi Civic Pool Tel: 092-662-6111 / Fax: 092-662-6112
Hakata Civic Pool Tel: 092-473-8855 / Fax: 092-473-8856
Chuo  Civic Pool Tel: 092-712-8090 / Fax: 092-712-8298
Minami Civic Pool Tel: 092-561-6011 / Fax: 092-561-3993
Jonan  Civic Pool Tel: 092-863-7098 / Fax: 092-863-7198
Sawara Civic Pool Tel: 092-841-1080 / Fax: 092-846-6528

What do I think about it, well, sorry but can’t rate the experience. Never knew about this before. Has anyone tried these outdoor pools? Please tell us about it.

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