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Hello readers! Josei Joy conveys my personal experiences living here in Fukuoka, Japan. I hope that you can also benefit from reading the posts.

Josei Joy

The Josei Joy logo was derived from the Chinese character with a Japanese reading of onna meaning woman.

The name Josei is the Japanese reading of these Chinese characters which translate to female.
on the other hand, is taken from my name Sophia-Joy.

Ok, I had nothing to do with the conception of the logo but much to do with critiquing. The logo was designed by my husband who has a thing for graphic design.



This is me.

Yes, I’m me – the first author of this blog. I will have been living in Fukuoka City for three years come this November, 2009. Despite that, my Nihongo is down to words and about ten sentences.  You may wonder how that got me around these three rather quick years – well 1. hours on end in and out on the internet with the help of online translation, 2. my basic Japanese speaking husband 3. my daughters and 4. my friends at Agape House. Yes, I am a wife and a working mother. My daughters were born here.  I am also a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter and a girl at heart. So, talk to me all you who can fit into anyone of those descriptions – even if you don’t but just need a chat, go ahead and drop me a line or two.

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