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Help! Where Can I Find A Doctor?


I had to rush off to the doctor the other time. I had had an ailing sore throat for the past week.  I could hardly swallow anything. The pain became unbearable the night before as I coughed and cried with frustration when the irritation got worse. So yesterday, I decided to rid myself off of this anguish. I cycled almost 8 km to the nearest emergency hospital I knew, which was Chidoribashi in Hakata Ward. Talking about access here in Japan.  There may have been clinics or hospitals in the vicinity that open after hours.  Of course I didn’t know of any so I had to make that long ride.

To avoid what I did,  here’s a little information on some emergency stops for you. Bear in mind that the treatment you receive will at any emergency center  will only be temporary. You must see your regular doctor as soon as you can.

Don’t Know of Any Emergency Hospitals or Clinics Near You?

  • Call the Prefectural Emergency Medical Information Centre on 092-471-0099. Their address is: 2-9-30 Hakataeki-minami, Hakata-ku.
  • Find out what hospitals and clinics near you open after hours (that is, from 7pm up). You may need to use Japanese here.
  • If you don’t know Japanese, get a friend who understands Japanese to help you along.

What to Bring Along

  • Always bring your insurance card with you when visiting the doctor. I had to pay a hefty bill once but got reimbursed after presenting the hospital with my insurance card.
  • In the case of sick child, bring the following:
    1. Maternal and Baby book (Boshitechou)
    2. Child’s insurance card
    3. Child’s hospital card (the hospital or clinic gives this)
    4. Your family’s insurance card (may be needed in some situations)
  • Take a novel, some water, some chewies and for your child, take something to keep him or her busy. Waiting time can take up to hours.

Basic Procedure Once at the Clinic or Hospital

  • Go to the outpatient reception and present the documents required in above.
  • Answer any questions they may ask or fill in any forms, then go to the designated waiting area or department reception (for hospitals) you will be shown.
  • Usually, at the department reception or at the waiting area , you may be asked your temperature and weight or that of your child and confirm your condition.
  • After that, wait for your name or a number assigned you to be called to see the doctor.
  • Waiting time can take up to hours.

Already Know the Place and the Procedure?

Then here is a list of more emergency medical centers that might be of interest to you.

– Fukuoka Emergency Medical Center

Tel: 092-847-1099
1-6-9, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka

– Municipal Holiday Emergency Clinics (Kyukan Shinryojo)

  • Higashi Ward Emergency Clinic
    Tel: 092-651-3835
    2-54-27 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku
  • Hakata Ward Emergency Clinic
    Tel: 092-441-0020
    2-19-24 Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku
  • Minami Ward Emergency Clinic
    Tel: 092-541-3299
    3-25-3 Shiobaru,
  • Minami-ku Jonan Ward Emergency Clinic
    Tel: 092-831-7979
    5-2-25 Torikai, Jonan-ku
  • Nishi Ward Emergency Clinic
    1-4-7 Uchihama, Nishi-ku

Some Points to Note:

  • When taking your child to these clinics, you need to know for sure that there is a pediatrician on duty. Babies under one year of age may not be treated by other specialist doctors. I once had to move from Chidoribashi hospital to the Fukuoka Emergency Medical Center in Momochihama, Sawara Ward. That’s between Fukuoka Tower and Yahoo Dome.
  • The  Fukuoka Emergency Medical Center in Momochihama, Sawara Ward, will treat children anytime after hours.
  • Higashi Ward, Minami Ward and Nishi Ward  emegencyclinics open on New Year’s Day from 9 am to 11:00 pm

Further Reading

Here are some related links where you can get more information.

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Besides that, keep well and stay healthy.

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