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The Nishitetsu Bus Schedule


A Nishitetsu Bus in Fukuoka

A Nishitetsu Bus in Fukuoka

Starting out was quite a challenge for me and I could only rely on Nishitetsu buses and their schedules at the bus stops. I could not ride a bicycle so I’d walk whenever I needed to save that ¥360 to and from Box Town. Well, those days are long gone. I now can ride a bicycle! Yheepee!!! Sorry, not drive a car. My license is expired. Phew!

Nishitetsu Bus Schedule

So, lets start moving around using the Nishitetsu bus services. For those of you who are new to Fukuoka, the Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd or otherwise known as Nishitetsu is probably the largest operator of bus services in the whole Kyushu and probably Japan! Ok, done with the facts and back to the schedule. I discovered the site during one of my hours on end ‘convenient living’ searches.

Nishitetsu Bus English Page

Nishitetsu Bus Schedule English Page

To check out your bus schedules online, go to the Nishitetsu Bus Schedule website . The information is all in English and very reliable. For other languages, click here and look for where is says ‘Foreign language version’, then select your preferred language.

The interface provides for an easy search plus you can print out your own bus stop schedules in English. Apart from timetables, the site also has information on the types of tickets available  with their areas of usage and the different fares and card types that you can obtain. For the new comers, they have instructions on how to take the bus and well. That’s terrific!

How to Check your Bus Schedule

Instructions on how to pull up your specific schedule is quite easy once you get started. Just make sure that the name of your to and from points are spelt correctly. If your entries return errors, the best thing to do is start off by typing the name of one of the points then do a search.

Let’s try something. For this example, let’s look at the to point: Say you want to go to Higashi Kuyakusho (Higashi Ward Office) from Chihaya, and need the bus times for this travel. The nearest bus stop to Higashi Kuyakusho is Hakozakihama. You know how to spell Chihaya but not quite sure of Hakozakihama. What you do is type in Hakozaki and click ‘Get List’. This will give you a list of all the bus stop names that have Hakozaki in them. Find Hakozakihama and select it. That’s it! The rest you can do. No sweat. Give it a try and see how you go.

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